Stevie Wonder calls for more care in designing technology

Stevie Wonder is amongst many blind people who fear that the recent technological bias towards touch screen interfaces on mobile phones and other forms of new technology will bypass a whole generation of disabled, users.


Wonder called for more care and attention to disabled users when designing new technologies. He told the Reuters website, "If you can take those few steps further, you can give us the excitement, the pleasure and the freedom of being a part of it."


Wonder declared that he favoured both the Apple iPod and RIM Blackberry: two products which are usable for the blind without any direct design implementation.


Chris Danielsen, a spokesman for the National Federation For The Blind, stated that, "We don't want to hold up technological progress.What we're saying is, think about the interface and set it up in such a way that it's simple...The simpler you make the user interface of a product, it's going to reach more people sighted or blind."


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