Apple iPhone - luxury model valued at £1.6 million

A new luxury version of the Apple iPhone has been created that is valued at £1.6 million and thus qualifies it as the world's most expensive mobile phone.


The iPhone 3G, known as the Kings Button, is made of solid 18 carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. It also has 128 cut diamonds surrounding the phone's screen. Pride of place, however, is the 6.6 karat diamond whch replaces the usual Home button just below the iPhone's large screen.


Peter Aloisson is the jeweller responsible. According to the Daily Mail, "In 1998 the controversial designer released his first diamond-encrusted cell phone and earlier last year Aloisson debuted a record-breaking $1.3mr diamond crypto smart phone for Russian encrypting specialist company JSC Ancort. Besides his 'extravagant luxurious mobile phones' which have been featured in the world wide press for the last 8 years he designs same luxurious interior design objects."


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