Google solves US-based kidnapping

Google's Street View has been successfully utilised to track down a 9 year old who had been allegedly kidnapped by her grandmother. Apparently, the police authorities were able to locate the girl by sourcing GPS co-ordinates within her mobile phone. They then inputted those co-ordinates into the Street View tool of Google Maps which displayed the location as a hotel. She was collected safe and sound.


The alarm was triggered after the girl's grandmother picked up the girl, Natalie Maltais, from her legal guardians, said that she was not going to return the girl and vacated the state, said the BBC website.


"This is very useful, although we can only use it in emergency situations such as when a person is missing or lost, or a life is in danger," said the police chief, Anderson.


As such, AT&T provided the GPS coordinates every time the phone was activated. Police must submit a compliance form to the phone provider to request location information.


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