Apple iPhone to go HD?

Rumours are abound saying that the newly release PowerVR graphics chip, the SGX543, is being touted for inclusion within a future incarnation of the Apple iPhone which would enable it to run high definition images.


This new chip representes Imagination Technologies' fifth generation of graphics accelerators for mobile phones. The SGX543 is said to contain "a much more efficient instruction set with particular optimizations for rendering graphics shaders or the visual effects that apply to pixels onscreen and geometry in 3D views." according to the Unwired website.


Its maker also touts it as being, "40 percent faster for shader-heavy software and can push as many as 50 percent more triangles when handling 3D."


So why the fuss? Because the current iPhone also uses PowerVR chip, albeit with an older MBX core for its graphics. Apple has made no official announcement regarding the new chip, as yet, however.


Click to read the Unwired story

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