iTunes now DRM free, better quality and priced at multiple price points

Apple has announced that 8 million of the 10 million songs currently resident on the server are now DRM free. The remainder of the tracks will be converted to DRM free status by the end of March. In addition, each track will now be encoded in the better quality 256kps AAC format. Next, iPhone users will now be able to purchase songs over the 3G network for the first time. Lastly, iTunes will be changing how it charges for its music from this April, according to the TG Daily website.


The new price points - something the record labels have been after for many years - will spread out at 69 cents for back catalogue material, 99 cents for the majority of the material on the server and $1.29 for the very latest hit material. UK prices were not available.


Apple did say that it would not be providing users with a courtesy, DRM-free upgrade. Users will have to upgrade the track itself at 30 cents per track.


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