Griffin reveals an array of iPhone mobile phone accessories

The iPhone accessories company, Griffin, has announced a range of forthcoming releases which will appear during 2009. They include the PowerBlock Reserve a AC charger and adapter that can be used to power up an iPhone whilst charging its own battery pack. The Power Jolt Reserve extends the usable time for an iPhone. The TuneBuds Fit are in-ear headphones with anatomically correct curved design, shaped to the ear canal. The SmartShare USB is a portable USB hub that is of use for a laptop while the Charge Convertor is a FireWire to USB Charge Converter that ensures that older charging solutions continue to work with iPhone 3G. Finally, the Noise Reducing Audio Cable eliminates interference caused by some cars' electrical systems.


According to the company, the PowerBlock Reserve will cost $39.99 from April '09; PowerJolt Reserve, $39.99, available April '09; TuneBuds Fit, $49.99, available February '09; SmartShare USB, $19.99, available January '09; Charge Converter Firewire to USB, $29.99, available mid-January '09 and Noise-reducing Audio Cable, $19.99, available February '09.


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