Apple iPhone receives Tune Blocker

Tune Blocker has just been released for the Apple iPhone. Tune Blocker has been created for those people who might want to charge their iPhone on a PC or laptop but who might not want to trigger the automatic sync with iTunes that automatically occurs when you plug in your iPhone.


The Tune Blocker can be initiated by a simple flicking of a switch which will present you with the option to either charge your iPhone or iPod and sync with iTunes or just charge your iPhone and iPod. In addition, the option to only charge your iPhone also means that the chances of accidentally deleting your music is drastically reduced.


UK owners of iPhones and iPods can buy the unit online and from the company's US-based website. It arrives in two flavours. To buy the Tune Blocker with a short cable will set you back $24.95 and, with a long cable, the unit fetches $29.95.


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