Light up with a Samsung Emporio 7500

Samsung has released a new mobile phone utilising the trademark, luxury Armani name which sits on the chassis and lights up in the dark for your entertainment and delectation.


Known as the Emporio Armani Night Effect M7500, the handset's LED, which runs right along the side of the body, can light up and glow in a range of colours including red, blue and green.


Reports also say that the phone includes a built in camera. The specification is reasonable whilst not being especially eyebrow raising at 3.2MP. Short range connections to accessories can be achieved via Bluetooth whilst operations are performed with the use of a rather nice AMOLED screen spanning 2.2in, according to the Phones Review website which also supplies a video sequence of the handset. Other features include 128Mb of included memory plus a microSD slot to expand that memory.


Click to read the Phones Review story and view the included video

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