Samsung to build its own 4G chips

Samsung has decided to take the future production of the next generation 4G chips sets in house. Doing so acts as a corporate snub to the world's largest chip maker - Qualcomm.


Samsung has often turned towards Qualcomm to supply the chips for many of its most successful mobile phones. However, now that plans have been made to produce the new WiMAX and LTE baseband chips, Samsung has decided to produce its own chips. The Korean giant is, of course, no stranger to creating chipsets. In fact, one can be currently found within the Apple iPhone.


According to the Gigaom website, one of the reasons Samsung said it would develop its own LTE and WiMAX chips is to eliminate some of the royalty payments it makes and thus reduce the costs of its handsets - a direct jab at Qualcomm. The move also reflects the increasing competition in the mobile chipset business.


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