Android handsets unleashed in 2009

The Android operating system will be girding its loins for a major push onto the mobile phone market during 2009 as a wide variety of manufacturers plan to launch Android-based mobiles during the year, according to the Fresh News website.


The planned onslaught also threatens to provide the entrenched Windows operating system-related handsets with a surge of direct competition that harks back to the days of the ‘PC vs Mac' debate of yore. As Android is an open system, Windows could feel the pinch as Android developers not only become involved in creating new and innovative additions to the Android marketplace but also Android phone users realise that they can modify and improve their handset over and above the basic system they bought on the High St.


Samsung and Sony Ericsson are due to release handsets as is Motorola which is making a big push on the operating system, seeing Android as a lever to regain lost ground in the marketplace. Especially as reports say that its first batch of releases will be oriented towards MySpace and Facebook.


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