Sony Ericsson and HTC to part, post-X1?

Reports have reached us that the link between Sony Ericsson and  HTC that ultimately provided us with the Xperia X1 mobile phone is about to cease. Sony Ericsson is believed to be courting a new partner for a future Xperia model, Mobinnova.


Many, of course, will be a little surprised that HTC was involved in the creation of the Xperia X1, in the first place. The Sony Ericsson / HTC 'team' was never flouted as being a star attraction during the marketing of the X1.


So who is Mobinnova? Well, check out the link below to gaze upon the company's very lovely ICE mobile phone which features the 3in mobiFeel touch screen plus a touch and gesture sensitive interface. Does this mean that the next generation Xperia will lose the panel oriented interface and will, in the future, move towards a more iPhone like interface?


Click to see the Mobinnova ICE


Click to read the Engadget story



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