Phd student designs power break-through for mobile phone design

A PhD student, based in Canada, has developed a new system to prolong the battery life of iPhone and Blackberry mobile phones. Atif Shamim, based in Carleton Univ., Ottawa, Canada has designed a new method of connecting the internal workings of the mobile phone itself to the antenna. In fact, his wireless system removes all the wires that are currently used.


"This has not been tried before - that the circuits are connected to the antenna wirelessly. They've been connected through wires and a bunch of other components. That's where the power gets lost," Shamim said.


According to the Carleton website, Shamim has filed patent applications in the US and in Canada, in the knowledge consumers continue to gripe about the short lifespan of the iPhone battery. "It's a common problem. There are so many applications in the iPhone, it's like a power-sucking machine," said Shamim.


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