Samsung to release the R310 Byline

Samsung is ready to release a brand new mobile phone which will be known as the R310 Byline. Presented in a clamshell chassis which, at the moment, is resplendant in red, the new handset is designed to be a ‘quick access' phone which integrates a feature known as ChatLINK - a sort of push button walkie talkie facility. Along with an array of messaging features such as the usual text and email but also including Instant Messaging.


Other features included on the phone will include Bluetooth for short range connections to external accessories such as headsets. The Byline, which measures 3.5in x 1.7in x 0.77in also weighs 3.25 ounces, according to the Samsung Mobile News website. The phone also features two screens. The internal display measures 1.77in and packs in 128 x 160 pixels covering 65K colours while the external display spans 1in and covers 96 x 96 pixels over 65K colours.


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