Mobile sat nav for pedestrians

Symbian mobile users can now enjoy a piece of sat nav software that has been designed very much with the pedestrian in mind. MobileNavigator 7 provides walkers with a compass that displays the direction to their target location, the exact distance in metres, along with an arrow that symbolises their current walking direction.


However, while MobileNavigator 7, designed by NAVIGON, bills itself as being the perfect accessory for pedestrians, it still caters for those that want to use their phone as an in-car sat nav device. As well as the usual array of speed alerts and signpost displays, ‘Live' information will also be sent to your phone keeping you up to date with all the latest traffic information or weather reports.


MobileNavigator 7 is available for a free 14 day trial after which you will need to register to continue to use the service. Customers then have the option of buying one of the eight regional variants for £69.99 (including the UK and Ireland), or the Europe variant with map material for 40 countries for £89.99. Alternatively customers can choose to simply enjoy the map view without the navigation options free of charge.

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