Vodafone?s Prepay credit service

Ever had no credit on your phone but are in desperate need to make a call? Well Vodafone UK aims to make such a dilemma a thing of the past with Vodafone IOU. Prepay customers can set up an IOU service that will add an emergency £2 of calling credit to use until their next top up. Whatever amount from that £2 is used will then be deducted automatically from their next Top Up, along with a service charge of 30p. Each time you top up, the £2 emergency credit will be replenished.


Customers will be kept informed as to how much their IOU balance is, which can be used for voice, text or data services, as well as mobile internet browsing and music track downloads. To set up the IOU service, Vodafone customers can text ‘IOU' to 468 or by simply calling 468 from their handset.

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