Mobile Phones - principle Internet platform by 2020?

A group survey has arrived at a number of predictions that will occur by 2020. The first being that the mobile phone will become the dominant Internet device and that the desktop computer will reduce in its importance by that date.


The survey was conducted by a range of analysts, activists and Internet leaders. The same survey says that voice recognition and touch interfaces will be more prevalent by that date too.


That's the good side. There are downsides to these predicitions, according to the PEW Internet website. It declares that, "Those working to enforce intellectual property law and copyright protection will remain in a continuing arms race, with the crackers who will find ways to copy and share content without payment."


And that, "The transparency of people and organizations will increase, but that will not necessarily yield more personal integrity, social tolerance, or forgiveness."


Which only goes to prove that life is never black and white but filled with various shades of greys.


Click to read the PEW Internet story


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