Sony Ericsson top-of-the-line mobile release - more rumours

The rumours about a forthcoming, top of the range, mobile phone appearing from Sony Ericsson in 2009 seem to be gathering pace. The latest news regards the quality of the screen that is reported to be in line for the new design. The handset, which will apparently be Sony Ericsson's first touch screen phone, will be a high specification OLED model, spanning 3in.


The latest variation in screen technology, OLED has, thus far, been too expensive to produce in mass market terms. However, such a screen would have immense benefits. To begin with, it doesn't need backlighting which means it features dramatically less power to run making any phone run longer on a single charge. OLEDs are also brighter, can hold more colours and are faster.


Other reported features for the new mobile phone apparently include Wi-Fi and a browser for Internet-related interaction.


Reports from the Mobilewhack website say that the new phone may make an appearance or at least be part of an announcement via Sony Ericsson at the forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show which is only around a month away.


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