Ultimate Ears release top-of-the-line earphones

The Ultimate Ears company has released the Triple.Fi 10vi earphones which are both high in specification and price. Topping $420, the new hardware features three separate drivers to offer the listener the same characteristics as the company's studio and concert monitors. The reported frequency reponse, according to the iPodnn website, ranges from as low as 10Hz to as high as 17kHz.


In addition, the new phones include passive noise cancelling which will remove around 26db of noise from outside of the ear, this should be good news for those listening to music and walking down busy streets or listening to music from within an aeroplane.


Designed to be used with a mobile, the Ultimate Ears feature a built in microphone with a button that will allow you to take calls. Another control button covers the navigation of music tracks.


Currently the new earphones will be available in blue.


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