Omega Pharma to release E-Wave health chip

Omega Pharma, a company based in Belguim, is about to release a new microchip onto the market which, it is claimed, will remove all the harmful effects of the possibly harmful radiation that some say emanate from a typical mobile phone.


From the day of launch, the company will provide 30,000 chips to mobile manufacturers, However, "If we need 10 million, then we'll go for that," Chief Executive Marc Coucke told Reuters on the sidelines of the launch, although he said that was not a forecast.


The new development follows an array of reports from around the world that has connected the use of mobile phones with cancer-related ailments.


"It's like smoking. Eventually we reached a point where the health impact is widely acknowledged," Coucke said.


Whilst some scientists support the statement that mobile phones can cause health problems many others disagree with the findings.


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