RSX release rear-view mirror hands free car kit

Redshift has releasd details of a new hands-free device for use in the car, which also attaches itself to your rear view mirror.


To use the device, you clip it over your car's rear view mirror without the need for wires. Also, because the unit is recharagable, you do not have to plug it into a cigarette lighter and have cables dangling all over the front seat.


The microphone and the speaker are both inserted into the surround of the unit and, as such, are almost invisible to the user. Another nice touch is that, when you receive a call, you see it on the mirror itself. This means that you won't have to take your eyes off the road.


Also, if you wish to talk as you are getting out of the car, you just detach the headset, switch of the engine and walk away without breaking the conversation. Price is £69.99.


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