Motorola to release EM35 music mobile phone

A new Motorola mobile phone known as the EM35 is to be released soon that concentrates upon the quality of the audio it produces.


According to the Trading Markets website, "As the popularity of integrated music and talk functionalities on mobile devices increases, so does the demand for enhanced audio to ensure the best experience," said Tracey Koziol, corporate vice president, mid-tier and feature products, Mobile Devices, Motorola. "With virtual surround sound and an abundance of top features, the EM35 is perfect for the consumer looking to receive the highest multimedia and sound performance. When listening with earphones, a unique algorithm enables music to sound as if it is playing in the space around your head, rather than inside of your eardrums, enhancing the way you listen to music."


In addition, the phone also includes CrystalTalk technology which amplifies your voice when you talk into the handset. It also enhances the clarity of your voice. A second microphone helps to eliminate the noisy environment you may be standing in to enhance the quality of the speech you hear on the phone.


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