Nokia Comes With Music DRM decoded

A new software has been unveiled that looks set to ruffle a few feathers at Nokia's headquarters. Tunebite is a nifty piece of kit that decodes the Digital Rights Management coding (DRM) used to protect the tracks downloaded from Nokia's Comes With Music service.


According to ElectricPig who broke the story, Tunebite works by playing tracks at speed before re-dubbing them into a non-encrypted file. Each song can be decrypted in a matter of seconds meaning you will be able to listen to your tracks on any MP3 player, rather than just your computer or compatible Nokia handset. What's more, this Nokia-irking piece of software is all available for a measly £17.50.


The repercussions for Nokia are huge. Nokia Comes With Music entitles users to unlimited music downloads from the Nokia Music Store for a 12 months, the catch being that you can only listen to them on your PC or compatible Nokia handset. After the twelve months have expired, users can keep hold of the tracks they have downloaded.


Click here to read the ElectricPig story.

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