Samsung reveal Ego GT mobile phone

Samsung has unveiled a new luxury mobile phone called the Ego GT. Packed into a candybar chassis, the new mobile is reportedly made from ‘liquid metal'. What this means is that the handset has been constructed from a composite alloy that, according to observers, is three times stronger than titanium.


The manufacturer says the new alloy 'can withstand 1.8 times the pressure, is 1.6 times more flexible, has three times better vibration absorption and 100% lower thermal conductivity than titanium'.


According to the GSM Arena website, the Ego GT will shortly go on sale for €1,200. It is capable of working with two SIM cards and will support GSM and EDGE but not 3G. Other features include an in-built camera which will support the five-megapixel camera with autofocus. Expansion of internal memory is possible via a microSDHC card and Bluetooth will support external, short range, wireless connections.


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