Dr Dre Monster Beat earphones for mobile use

Dr Dre has endorsed a new pair of high quality earphones for use with a mobile phone.


Just about all users who buy a mobile phone will, in amongst the numerous additional extras including manuals, docking stations, extra cables, CDs and more, be sure to find a pair of earphones. More importantly, just about all of those earphones will be of as much use to listening to music as the police are in trying to keep embarrassing government information out of the public eye by arresting members of parliament.


Consequently, most sensible users will want to upgrade their earphones at the first opportunity. Dr Dre has endorsed one possible option. Known as the Monster Beat, according to the Mobile Whack website, the earphones are in-ear isolation models with a reportedly ‘tangle free' cable.


The earphones apparently include high quality magnetic drivers for higher sound quality.


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