Etre Touchy Gloves - keep warm while you type

Etre has released a set of new gloves for those who want to keep their hands warm but also be able to use their touch-screen phone.


The 'touchy' gloves have to be one of the oddest accessories aimed at mobile phone users. But they do make a sort of sense, especially if you have tried to use a touch-screen phone in these very cold winter days. Imagine standing at a railway station, in the freezing cold. You need to send a text but your fingers are too big with your gloves on, and, anyway, since touch-screen phones work via the heat from your skin, a gloved finger is useless.


These specially designed gloves are also an improvement over the standard finger-less gloves, as they keep you even warmer.


The gloves are available to UK users for the reasonable price of £14.99. For more information visit


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