Vodafone announces Wireless Innovation Challenge

Vodafone has launched a Wireless Innovation Challenge which uses money from its Americas Foundation to test the ingenuity of mobile related inventors and entrepreneurs. Putting up a total of $3 million as an incentive, Vodafone is looking for new wireless ideas and projects which it can use and exploit.


The cash will be split into portions, mind you. The whole pot of cash will not be going to one person or group. The winner of the challenge will receive $300,000, the second placed idea will receive $200,000 and the third placed entrant will gain $100,000.


According to the Mobile Crunch website, Vodafone's wish is to, "address critical social issues around the world", mentioning mobile disaster warnings and "a microscope embedded on a mobile phone and used in remote areas to collect and submit blood samples for diagnosis at a faraway lab" as ideas of the right mindset. More specifically, they're looking for ways to better the world in the areas of health, education, economic development, the environment, and access to communication.


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