Surgeon amputates arm via SMS

A surgeon from Wales recently saved a boy's life by amputating his infected arm - but all the guidance for the operation was received via text message.


The doctor, who had decided to volunteer his services to the war-zone in Congo, was presented to the 16 year old boy who had been bitten by a Hippo, reported the BBC website. The animal had, in fact, torn off a portion of the boy's arm which had lead to the infection of the rest of the limb. Dr David Nott is an experienced cardiovascular surgeon (in fact, he treated the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair, back in 2003) but the complex procedure to remove the infected portion of the arm was unfamiliar to him.


Hence, he called a colleague, Professor Thomas, situated 3,000 miles away and holidaying in the Azores and requested guidance. Voice communication was unavailable so the duo resorted to texting. Happily, the ‘text operation' was a complete success.


Click to see the BBC video report

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