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The update to the operating system for the Apple iPhone is now readily available. Version 2.2 improves the OS in a variety of areas. However, there are a couple of extra features which have, thus far, remained undocumented by the company which may prove useful to some users and which deserve some recognition.


The first is a video indicator for YouTube, says the Intomobile website. To be able to play videos on the iPhone, any video from YouTube has to be ‘transcoded' to an iPhone-friendly format. Up until now, you had to click on a YouTube video of your choice then wait to see if that video was usable by iPhone. Not anymore. Now you automatically see an icon telling you if the video on screen is iPhone friendly before you click, saving you time and effort.


As well as being able to download podacasts to the iPhone, the new OS update allows you to quickly delete them with a single swipe and tap. Swipe a podcast to bring the 'Delete?' icon on the screen then tap to delete.


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