Nokia's Home Control Centre launch - 2009

Nokia has announced a new smarthome control system called the ‘Z-wave Home Control Centre'. The system allows you to control your home's technologies via a web-browser linked to a mobile device. Unlike many competing systems, however, this particular offering will be an open system that will help it to work within and next to other systems successfully as well as reduce prices. It means that third parties will be able to work in and around the system, providing linked programs and hardware that will help the system to flourish and eventually, hopes Nokia, become popular. Think of a smarthome version of the Google Android.


This also means that controllers won't have to be a Nokia phone, of course. Ultimately, this means, says the ITPortal website that, "...your phone should allow you to control everything from your electricity usage to other mundane objects like security sensors, heating, water cooler and other electrical devices", as long as they are compliant with the system.


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