Nokia N96 ? can take a larger battery?

Nokia N96 users who would prefer more battery power may be interested to hear that it can run successfully on a more powerful model - all that is needed from Nokia is a back case to support it.


At the moment, the N96 comes with a 950mAH battery which is fine in general. However, if you are the sort of user who likes to push their handset to its limits, then you may appreciate a more powerful model – such as the 1200mAH battery unit, for example.


When queried as to why the handset does not feature a more powerful battery, the company was heard to say that the current battery type was selected to keep the handset chassis as thin as possible.


Consequently, tests have been carried out fitting the more powerful 1200mAH battery to the N96 without any problems. If Nokia could supply an optional battery cover for power users, it would enable the power-hungry features to be used with more confidence.


Click to see the video of the N96 and the upgraded battery


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