Carphone Warehouse offers PAYG SIM deal

Carphone Warehouse is offering an attractive deal for those looking for a Pay As You Go deal and who also have a SIM free mobile phone they either might want to purchase or which they might already own.


The SIM deal can be had for £10 and is placed under the Virgin Mobile banner. With that, you receive £10 of free calls. So, you might want to see the SIM as free, in this case. What is clear, however, is that you also receive a free Bluetooth headset with the offer. In this case a new Jabra BT 2040 worth £15.


Calls on the Virgin Mobile SIM include 15p per minute for the first 5 mins, then the next 5 minutes are free, then you pay 15p thereafter - when calling the same or other networks. Which is pretty cheap compared to other network offers. In addition, voicemail is free whilst texting is charged at 10p for the first 5 texts, then the next 5 are free, then you are charged 10p thereafter.


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