Man's mobile phone saves his life

Strange but true - a man, living in the USA, quietly mowing his lawn, was hit in the chest by a .45 calibre bullet but his mobile phone got in the way and saved his life.


Ronald Richard of Covington, Louisiana can now be added to all those tales of soldiers saved by a bible, cigarette case, whiskey flask, etc, stored in the breast pocket. Richard told a reporter from the Tammany News, of mowing his lawn one day when he felt a "hard punch" hit him in the chest, adjacent to his heart. Immediately, he raised his hand to feel for his chest to see what an earth had happened when a .45 calibre bullet fell from his chest and onto the ground.


Instead of ripping into his flesh, the bullet tore his mobile phone in two. Where the bullet came from is unclear, at the time of writing, however speculation says that hunters were in the area and a stray bullet may have missed the intended prey to target Richard instead.


It is unknown, at this time, what make of mobile phone it was but don't be surprised if the marketing savvy manufacturers, in addition to the usual built in camera, MP3 player and radio, start adding Kevlar chassis coatings to the feature list.


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