Virgin strikes a blow for PAYG freedom

Virgin Mobile has introduced a interesting deal, called The Liberty, for all PrePay mobile users which, says the company, squeezes as much value out of a tenner as possible.


The market is currently awash with PrePay deals which is good for the consumer because it enhances competition and makes all providers think in ever more imaginative ways. In addition, providers are also, finally, realising just how important this sector of the market actually is - so it's important to shop around.


As for the Virgin deal itself, along with being able to keep your current phone number you get 200 call minutes plus 200 free texts. The offer, which ends on December 31st, includes a few extras such as free voicemail, in the UK, for when you're busy plus free itemised online statements - a good idea and one that is a little unusual for a Pay As You Go service.


Click for more information on The Liberty deal

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