Blackberry master control program nearing release

A powerful utility that has the ability to change a variety of aspects of a Blackberry mobile phone has just entered beta testing prior to the final release.


Known as a master control program, the software is very powerful and is, therefore, recommended only for mid- to advanced-level users, according to the Crackberry website.


Arriving with its own interface, the utility has the ability to load applications or take screenshots of your device with your PC. You can even reset your Blackberry mobile phone with the software. For corporate users who use their phone under a particular IT policy, this utility is powerful enough to remove that policy. In fact, you can return the mobile to its factory settings. As such, you can also tell the software to remove any unwanted applications present on the Blackberry or, for that matter, any ringtones and wallpapers that you might have littering about.


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