Sonim unveils even tougher mobile

Sonim has done it again. The company behind the JCB-endorsed Sonim XP1 Toughphone has unveiled the XP3, a phone that is capable of withstanding the most extreme conditions.


Sonim claims that the XP3 (or Xtreme Performance 3) can be submerged in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes and will remain in full working order at temperatures of between -20C to +60C temperatures.


The manufacturers behind the XP3 are so confident about the phone's virility, they are providing an unconditional three-year warranty. The handset also features 330 minutes of talktime and over nine days of standby time.


The Sonim XP3 is said to be even more resilient than the Toughphone. Having personally driven over the JCB-branded phone, as well as lobbing it out of a window and stamping on it repeatedly, we can vouch that it was one tough cookie. Click here to see the video.


Available free on a Vodafone contract or SIM-unlocked for £245 (inc VAT), the Sonim XP3 can be purchased at or by calling 0845 459 2009.

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