O2?s top-up surprises

Topping up your mobile phone no longer means having just additional texts and minutes. O2 prepay customers will be eligible for an O2 'surprise' each time they top up their phone. Surprises include free texts, picture messages, mobile internet browsing and minutes – as well as shopping vouchers, cinema tickets, race day and spa experiences and even an Apple iPhone. In addition, a grand prize draw will take place each month, with every customer who receives an O2 surprise being placed into the draw. The winner of November's prize draw will receive a Mini Cooper S.


Depending on the amount each customer tops up by, they will have more chance of winning the prize draw and will receive a more prestigious gift. For example, a customer who tops up by £10 will be eligible for ‘silver' gifts, while someone who tops up by £15 or more will be eligible for ‘gold' gifts and prizes and will have a ten times greater chance of winning the grand prize.


Each time a customer tops up, they will be sent a code directing them to the O2 website where they will discover what their surprise is. O2 Surprises will run for an initial four months. For more information, visit www.o2.co.uk/surprises.

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