Turn your BlackBerry into a remote control

Unify4Life has released a hardware and software utility that will enable a BlackBerry handset to be used as a universal remote control for a typical AV set up. The company supplies an AV hub box which talks to the AV equipment through an infrared connection. It then communicates with your Blackberry via Bluetooth. When set up, the phone has the ability to control DVD players and the like, as well as garage doors and even house lights, according to the Crackberry website.


Unify4Life can also pigeon-hole your ‘controlled' equipment and create specialised remote menus via different activities which can be shown on your Blackberry. As a result, when the handset is in the Movies Activity mode, its screen will display the buttons required to, for example, fast forward and backwards for the DVD player, and to modify the volume for the AV system.


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