Phoload opens up to deliver Android G1 Apps

Phoload has declared itself open for business to deliver Applications and games for Android G1 mobile phone users.


During the commotion surrounding the release of the new T-Mobile G1 Google phone, it has often been overlooked that the handset's main advantage is the fact that it is an open architecture, open source device.


This means that you are able to add programs to the handset and change the phone itself by integrating new applications. Aplications can be sourced from a range of new sites that will spring up to support the platform. Phoload is one such area that will supply a range of Apps and games, says the Android Community website.


G1 users can navigate to Phoload and download apps directly through the browser and store them on the memory card as well as rate, view and even recommend any software that they download.


Click to read the Android Community story

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