LG?s designer Bluetooth watch

No sooner has LG announced the stylish Prada II than they unveil a rather swanky accessory. The PRADA Link (LG LBA-T950) sees the manufacturer, once again, team up with the fashion giant to produce a watch that wirelessly synchronises with the Prada II via Bluetooth. Once paired, users will be alerted to incoming calls, text messages and alarms either by sound or vibration, depending on the settings chosen. Sporting an LCD display, the PRADA Link will also display the callers name or number depending on whether they appear in the phone's address book.


The PRADA Link is made from a combination of metal and tempered glass, with a set of leather straps. As with any Bluetooth device, should the PRADA Link become separated from the phone by more than 10 meters, then the Bluetooth connection will be broken. However, the PRADA Link will alert the user should this happen. On-sale by the end of this month the PRADA Link is only compatible with the LG Prada II.

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