Blackberry Storm mobile phone gets Vlingo

The Blackberry Storm has received the release version of Vlingo. This is in interesting program which allows you to talk into your mobile phone upon which your voice will be translated into a textual format for you to frame and send as a text message. It can also be used for other Blackberry models such as the Pearl, Bold or Curve. You can also instuct the program who you would like to call from your address book. It will then select that person and promptly call them on your behalf. In addition, the program will access your mobile Internet options with voice control and surf the web. It will even access Facebook.


Vlingo will read-back the full text or email message that was spoken and launch the following programs: Address Book; Alarm; BrickBreaker; Calculator; Calendar; Camera ; Maps; Media; MemoPad; Messages; Options; Tasks and the Web browser.


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