Battery life for mobiles to be extended

Technology advancements have just been announced in South Korea that will improve the life of mobile phone batteries. The lithium battery structure has been made more efficient, extending its lifetime by 90%.


It will be possible to extend the life of the mobile phone battery (and also the battery used on a typical laptop) by up to eight times – so says to Cho Jae-phil, the research team's leader and a chemistry professor at Hanyang University. 


According to the TM Cnet website, the improvement has been achieved by changing the main component of the battery itself. Instead of the usual graphite, which was the principle material of the negative electrode, a new substance has been constructed out of three-dimensional porous silicon particles made from hydrogen fluoride and silica.


The research team has applied for a variety of patents and believes that the batteries will go on general sale in around four to five years.


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