Microsoft issue Windows Mobile 6.1 patch

Microsoft has issued a software patch for its Mobile 6.1 operating system. A problem  has occurred with the email area of the popular mobile phone operating system. Windows Mobile 6.1, found in many of the world's leading smartphones, has triggered moves by the parent company to quickly develop a patch to solve the potentially harmful glitch.


According to the Slashphone website, Microsoft has added a feature to its operating system that allows a mobile carrier to specify what the default SMTP server for outbound mail will be if, for some reason, the user specified SMTP choice decided to fail. Apparently, the problem with this new feature is that, if the carrier doesn't happen to specify a default server and, in addition, the user's specified server fails to connect, then the entire email account for that user could possibly become corrupted. Not a happy prospect.


If you're concerned, download the patch here.


Click to read the Slashpone story


Click here to download the Microsoft patch

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