EOps i24R3 released for Apple iPhone mobile phone

EOps, a design outfit from Japan, has released the i24R3 wireless speaker system for the Apple iPhone mobile phone. Like any phone - or MP3 player for that matter - the size of the unit precludes the implementation of top quality audio. Using headphones is fine while travelling but, if you're relaxing at home for example, you really don't want to use headphone then. There are plenty of docking systems currently available on the market which would suit a home environment. However, the principle problem with such systems is the same problem that still infests any sort of music system - wires. Lots of them. They look unsightly and, in worse case scenarios, they can be snagged or tripped over causing breakages and other damage.


This new wireless system is ideal, therefore. It pairs an iPod-dock woofer base unit with 2 or more remote stereo speakers which can actually connect up to 8 speakers, says the Phones Review website. It is also controlled via touch free gestures. So, you wave your hand to increase the volume, for example. It'll be released early next year. Price to be announced.


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