Samsung offer the E1110 and E2510 mobile phones

Samsung has addressed the budget market by unveiling two new mobile phones: the E1110 and E2510. This is a shrewd move because it is easy to be dazzled by ever sparkling new features that serve to ‘wow' and amaze us. However, many mobile customers just want to make a phone call and don't really require much else. This is the market that Samsung is aiming at with these phones.


The E1110 has a candy-bar style chassis and comes with a 1.3in display plus Bluetooth and 1.5Mb of internal memory. The E2510, on the other hand, is a clamshell design with 15Mb of internal memory plus a micrso SD slot to expand that memory, according to the Mobile website.


However, there is no news, yet, of a release date for the UK market. In addition, no proposed price for the new handset has, thus far, been mooted.


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