Samsung unveils the Glyde M540 mobile phone

Samsung has released a new mobile phone called the Glyde. Also known by its catchy moniker, the M540. This phone has also been referred to, at least in the USA, as the Rant. Which brings us to names. Why, oh why, would anyone want to call a new mobile phone ‘Rant' and hope to, not only make money from it but also to expect its customers to think broadly generous thoughts towards the thing? What positive bias could you possibly lean towards a phone with such a negative label?


This Canadian variation, therefore, is wholly more sensible. It not only features a QWERTY keyboard which will please those users who enjoy frequent texting or others who find themselves typing lots of emails whilst on the move but also includes, according to the Mobile Syrup website, a 2.1in display, GPS for location finding plus a built in camera based on a 2MP specification.


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