Mobyko introduces low-cost calls

Mobyko has teamed up with ConnectMeAnywhere to provide their customers with a host of low cost calling options. Mobyko customers who sign up to ConnectMeAnywhere will receive 50% off the first bundle of calling credits they purchase, as well as have the option of sending voice messages via email. In addition, when Mobyko customers sync their mobile address book with ConnectMeAnywhere all calls made to their mobile contacts will be done via one local number.


Mobyko is free to join and provides an online back up service for all your mobile content including address book, photos and texts. What's more, the Mobyko ‘Living Address Book' coordinates with your friends Facebook profiles, so that when they call you, their Facebook profile picture will automatically appear on your mobiles screen.


For more information or to join ConnectMeAnywhere, click here.

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