LG to release OZ Lite mobile phone

A new mobile phone is to be released via LG. To be called the OZ Lite, the handset will arrive in a clamshell chassis. The highlight of the phone will be its built in camera facility that has been provided by image specialists, Casio. Rated at a relatively high 5.1MP, the W53CA camera will feature a 28mm lens that will include colour correction facilities and a built in anti shake feature, according to the Mobile Whack website.


This means that, your natural hand movements will not result in a blurred image. In addition, the camera will include 9-point auto focus which means that the camera picks nine different points in the scene and evalutates them using contrast detection to determine the correct focus for each point.


Other features include a 2.8mm screen offering 800 x 480 pixels resolution and a VGA, 30fps video capability.


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