Optoma launches Pico Pocket Projector

A device has been unveiled that promises to deliver a cinema-like experience from your mobile phone. Officially unveiled tomorrow, Mobile Choice was invited as an exclusive VIP to sample Optoma's Pico Pocket Projector. Hook it up to any personal media player, such as a mobile phone, iPod, PDA or digital camera, that is compatible with the 2.5mm jack socket, and you will be able to project an image or video spanning up to 60 inches onto any flat surface.


Having witnessed the device in use, we were impressed with the quality, though Optoma admits that the best results are achieved in a dark or dim room, as unwanted light will distort the image.


The Optoma Pico is impressively small and light, weighing just 115g. With a maximum of two hours playtime for a full charge, you might struggle to watch an entire film with the device but, in terms of showing off your latest holiday snaps or hosting a presentation at work, the Pico Pocket Projector appears to be a worthwhile piece of kit.


The Optoma Pico will be available to buy throughout the UK from November, exclusive to PC World for £249.

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