Will you soon need a passport to buy a mobile phone?

The Government plans to increase its surveillance powers by introducing a law that will force mobile phone owners to register their identity on a national database. Furthermore, all prospective mobile phone buyers will need to present a passport if they wish to buy a new mobile phone.


The office of Richard Thomas, the information commissioner, told the Times Online website that it anticipated a compulsory mobile phone register would be unveiled as part of a law to be announced by ministers next year.


'With regards to the database that would contain details of all mobile users, including pay-as-you-go, we would expect that this information would be included in the database proposed in the draft Communications Data Bill,' a spokesperson said.


The plans have not gone without criticism or action. Opponents inside Whitehall have claimed that the so-called 'big brother database' is 'impractical' and 'disproportionate and potentially unlawful'. The force of the comments has led to the government delaying the database announcement until next year.


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