Panasonic's new fuel battery for mobile phones

Panasonic has announced the release of two new prototype fuel cell batteries that are compatible for use with a range of mobile devices including mobile phones.


The development of battery technology is one of the most important development areas of the mobile industry. If more and longer lasting power is provided then new, more energy hungry, technologies can be integrated onto all mobile devices.


In this case, says the Akihabara News website, the two fuel cells have the ability to generate up to 20W in power. Based on previous developments, the new design is half the size of the previous prototypes. Even though the reported battery life is no different from the previous incarnation, because the overall size of the battery has changed, a smaller configuration is always more desirable. In time, the life will gradually improve. The life span of the battery itself, incidentally, is still respectable at 20 hours.


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